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Hi, I'm Trevor Mander. In these pages you will find information about my photography and video interests and services, links to pages I run on Science related topics, and currently some Science class material struggling to find its way back to DeepScience.

Hosted Material


Year 13 Physics NCEA

3.3 Waves AS91523
3.4 Mechanics AS91524
3.6 Electrical Systems AS91526


Year 12 Physics NCEA

2.3 Waves AS91170
2.4 Mechanics AS91171
2.6 Electricity and Electromagnetism AS91173


Year 11 Science NCEA

Mechanics AS90940
Acids and Bases AS90944
Genetics AS90948


Camera Blog

Some of the things I've learned about using various cameras like the Panasonic GH4, Panasonic GH5, Sony RX100


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