Year 11 Science

Astronomy Internal Assessment - 4 Credits
Here is my latest set of notes giving an overview of the subject 8/07/2013.
They cover everything but not in depth.
You should research further materials covering the same topics if you desire an excellence grade.
And here is some more info about the difference between Achieved and Excellence.

Astronomy Diagrams you should know:
• Phases of moon
• Seasons/ day and night at poles/tilt of Earth (French website but cool pictures)
• Angle of sunlight during summer and winter
• Gravity of moon
• Neap and Spring Tides

Mechanics External Assessment - 4 Credits END OF YEAR EXAMS
There is a one hour practise of the Mechanics paper coming up in the Term 3 exams.
NZQA Mechanics - Download the past paper. Practise practise practise.

Important Dates
**Thursday 30 August 2012: Formative Astronomy Assessment**
Wednesday 5 September 2012: Summative Astronomy Assessment (4 credits)
Monday 10 - 18 September 2012: Term 3 Exams - Mechanics practise
Wednesday 14 November 2012: 85% Eclipse of the Sun



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